What is JS Track Glue

JS Track Glue

is a Traction Compound For Drag Strips And Paved Circle Tracks.  Drag racers have found better 60ft. times, lower E.T's and increased tire life.

   Excellent Characteristics:

 • Track Glue is better in hot and cold weather consistencies along with better hook up.

 •Track Glue will not harm tires or track surfaces.

•Oval tracks and Road racers have found quicker lap times and more grooves for passing.

 •A coating that improves traction, protects the surface, and prevents rubber tire marbles.

 •Continuing traction over several days of use.

 •Will not hurt asphalt, alcohol based-cuts with methanol.

 •Great pre-season track sealant @ 100%.

Pro Gold Dust

is a Fine Powdered Resin Traction Compound that Improves traction and the removal of bald-spots from track surfaces.

For Bald Spot Removal

Quickgrip is specially formulated to quickly apply rubber to the track surface to reduce bald spots and elapsed times. Low horsepower cars or cars with narrow tires place their cars in the same place on the starting line repeatedly. After many cars leave the starting line from the same spot, the rubber is removed and bare concrete begins to appear. If no care is taken to put the rubber back on the bald spot, the area will become larger and elapsed times will become slower.

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JS Track Glue

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