How to apply


Steps to applying

As you begin your Racing Season…. 


Step-1: Clean Track Surface 

Step-2: Seal the Track 

Step-3: Apply JS Track Glue Traction Compound 

Step-4: Maintain and Enjoy! 

Step-5: Track Support!   

While every track has different performance characteristics, or personality, below is a suggested starting point for track preparation and traction compound application that has delivered terrific performance in testing, developmental trials, and the beginning of the race season!

Step 1: Clean the Track Surface

Strip the race surface of old rubber, dirt, oils, and other contaminants that could interfere with the application of JS Track Glue. If you do not have your own method for this cleaning process, we suggest our track clean product! A clean racing surface at this step will reward you with greater grip when the track preparation process is completed.

You will want to be sure and clean the track from "wall-to-wall", as there can be significant build-up of debris outside the groove.

Step 2: Seal The Track

Seal the track’s newly cleaned surface for the season. Done properly, a single sealing can last an entire season. To seal a track, we suggest mixing four parts (80%) JS Track Glue with one part (20%) Methanol, then apply an even coat across the surface of the track with application device of choice. We suggest an agricultural type sprayer for even distribution. If pulling spray equipment, pull speeds approximately 12-18 mph will allow for adequate coverage.

Many factors will require you to modify your coverage volume, such as the following: wind speed, track density, type of track surface, size of applicator nozzle, and distance from nozzle to track.

(Note: A #7 brass nozzle held approximately 18" from track surface works well.)

Application should begin between the water-box and starting line, and extend through the final point of acceleration. Remember to take JS Track Glue from "wall-to-wall" as having JS Track Glue on the track will not ensure a safe pass, but could assist a car out of the groove, regain directional stability.

This treatment should cure in 2-3 days, and will provide a sealed track on both concrete and asphalt surfaces alike.

Step 3: Apply JS Track Glue Traction Compound

Note: Because all tracks performance characteristics are different, we suggest you apply JS Track Glue gradually, to find the optimal level of adhesion you desire. In addition to track physical characteristics, there are also climate, humidity, altitude, and other non-track related factors that will have to be adjusted to achieve the optimal level of adhesion and grip.

A baseline to begin your application process with is a ratio of 50% JS Track Glue diluted with 50% Methanol.

"Top-Fuel’ers" and "Pro-Mods" may prefer a ratio nearer 70% JS Track Glue and 30% Methanol. Do not exceed 80% JS Track Glue-20% Methanol due to enhanced adhesive strength of JS Track Glue.

Pro-Stocks may perform better at a ratio of 60% JS Track Glue and 40% Methanol.

While you certainly can "dial-in" your track for a particular application, you will certainly notice an increased level of adhesiveness at each level of concentration.

Experimenting with different ratios will enable you to find the optimal mix of JS Track Glue for your track. You will certainly want to keep in mind this increased level of adhesion, and how this will affect your event

Step 4: Track maintenance

Once operational, your facility will be the ultimate dictator of the frequency of track maintenance. Some tips for this include:

1: Remove loose rubber, dirt, sand or other foreign objects from the race surface

2: You can reapply JS Track Glue on starting lines, or after oil-downs

    Note: JS Track Glue Pro Gold S.L.R works well for spot repairs and starting line prep, 

3: "Bald-Spots" Some tracks may be prone to the development of bald spots. In this case,

    "misting" or "fogging" the problem area with a 50%-50% mixture of JS Track Glue and Methanol      or use Pro Gold S.L.R. and a light cover of Quick Grip Dust. Lightly rub-in the Quick Grip with a      broom, and reapply JS Track Glue in a light mist. Track surface should be ready to race on      within 5-15 minutes, depending on track temperature.

Step 5: JS Track Glue track support

If for any reason you may need additional track support, prepping your race surface for the most exciting and effective racing possible, contact JS Track Glue for a conversation from one of our in-house support! And if possible, a track prep consultant may be able to visit your track to assist in person.

Keith Jordan

JS Track Glue

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For all product questions and product ordering, please call JS Track Glue at at 402-420-3203, The staff will be glad to assist you get the most excitement out of your race season with JS Track Glue, and answer technical question about the application procedures as needed.  We at JS Track Glue look forward to visiting you at your track soon. Results to date have been absolutely wonderful….records have been broken and re-set! Cars have run faster, safer, and stayed in the groove more with JS rack Glue than ever before. We look to seeing your results this season, and also welcome your feedback.