JS Track Glue product line!


JS Track Glue and JS Track Glue SN

JS Track Glue is a traction compound concentrate that is mixed with methanol at different % depending on track conditions and weather. JS Track Glue provides lower ET's and more consistent track surface over wider range of temp and track conditions.

JS Track Glue SN is a traction compound special mix so no need to cut with methanol or any other product to get the optimum traction. Spray and go no need to figure the mix or to forget what % you have it mixed to we did that work for you! Get the same traction results with JS Track Glue SN as the JS Track Glue. Product could be cut if needed, but would not recommend it.

JS Track Glue-QuickGrip Pro Gold Dust

Fine powder resin that you can put down on bald spots to help bond rubber to the track surface. Can be used to restore start line to Optimum traction by spreading powder out 100 to 150 feet and laying small mist of the Strip grip over the top.

JS Track Glue-Pro Gold SLR

Pro Gold SLR is a liquid sprayed on bald spots to bond new rubber to track surface . It is also used to repair start line from the sheering of the rubber.

JS Track Glue-Street Grip

Street grip is used to help soften tires and bond the tires to the pavement or concrete for premier traction off the line and down the track. Street Racers and No prep racers can get traction with this product.

JS Track Glue-Dirt prep

Dirt prep concentrate is sprayed on dirt race tracks to help hold in moisture and keep dust down and track sticky.

JS Track Glue-Track Clean

Track Clean is a cleaning powder used with water you put down on track to get up all oil and residue contaminates that will affect how well your track will bond with the JS Track Glue. 

JS Ultra Green Track Glue

The Future of traction compounds

JS Ultra Green Track Glue: is the first and only traction compound that is ECO friendly! You can spray it on any concrete or paved racing surface and not be harmful to the plants and animals living around the surface being treated. Yes it will still bond rubber to the concrete or paved surface just like the original JS Track Glue. The big advantage is the chemical used to dry and set the compound to the surface is all biodegradable. So the run off is as safe as any concrete or paved surface that has not been treated to bond rubber.

With JS Ultra Green Track Glue being eco-friendly the formula is made so it is not being cut with any Methanol. By making it so it is a pre-mix formula it eliminates the chemicals that may be less safe for the environment. JS Ultra Green Track Glue is treated different then JS Track Glue, but both product will provide superior traction over a wide range of temperatures.

Paved oval race tracks will love the JS Ultra Green Track Glue for the fact that they don’t have to worry about mixing traction compound to spray the surface. The pre-mix allows for major time savings in track set up. Just fill the sprayer with JS Ultra Green Track Glue and go to spraying to help widening grooves and make for fast elapse times. Also because the oval track have backed turns when it rains the product that gets washed to infield is environmentally safe.

Dragstrips will love JS Ultra Green Track Glue because it still have same bonding properties as JS Track Glue. JS Ultra Green Track Glue fuses to track surface and rubber just as good as JS Track Glue. Without having to cut the traction compound with Methanol less mess and no worry about %’s. The amount being applied to race surface will be different for every track and temperature. So race surface will need to be prepped different then JS Track Glue.

Welcome to the new age of traction compounds!